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'TIS - 8/10

This is my second read-through for these books and even though I find his narrative strangely idiotic, I start to easily fall into the rhythm and "go with the flow", so to speak.
He can be somewhat mundane and/or tedious through many parts, but most of those tedious moments end up hitting with an amazing punchline, be it funny and/or sad.
There may be some lulls here and there - and a lack of proper chronological and geographical representation (you hardly get told the year, sometimes skipping even events to place that time of his life), but that's ok.
I don't recall him starting his story by mentioning he's in New York. Took a while to figure out a few confusing oddities of the people he was talking about lol

When his good stories come along, the are amazing. I think anyone would read this and start tearing up at SOME point.
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