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Again, you fail to understand a simple fact. When the employee signed up at Target, he agreed to no fighting. He would have been fired on the spot for hitting back. He chose to do the SMART thing, something you don't seem to have the ability to grasp. Maybe dude needed the job bad, like many people do now a days. If I were in that situation and providing for my family I would make the same decision. Besides the guy has baby hands and is the size of Emmanuel Lewis so it wouldn't have hurt so knowing that you keep your job AND get to sue him is worth the slap which probably felt more like a light breeze against your cheek.

As far as integrity goes the guy shook it off and called the police. He didn't look like a bitch to me. Some people have intelligence and some have caveman instincts. Now if the guy didn't have to worry about the job he could have went to town on the midget and that would have been fine but you don't know his circumstance so you can't talk shit about him. Maybe he is a pacifist and doesn't believe in violence in general.

Hurr durr
Yeah I totally don't know the rules by which America hires employees - but I chose to disregard them when it concerns some asshole putting his hands on me. You're the kind that does shit by the book don't you? Spare me your moral lesson, pal.
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