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Aside from suffering an early climax 30 minutes before the film ended, this is damn near flawless. Easily QT's most entertaining ride since the first Volume of Kill Bill.
I personally don't understand the pacing problems some are having with it. Yes, it's talky, but what not nearly as much as his other films. Structurally, this is QT's most traditional film imo. Basterds was much more touch and go as far as pacing was concerned if you ask me.

Every actor nailed it in this movie. Waltz, DiCaprio and Jackson all stole the film, and even when all three of them where in the same scene together! How does that work? Foxx also plays the stoic badass well. Once he finally gets to let loose, the dude kicks ass.

This film is epic, violent as all hell (how fucking cool was that shoot-out?), acted to the hilt, dramatic, suspenseful and hilarious. And only in the way QT can deliver. Whenever this dude has a movie coming out, it always manages to take my number 1 spot of the year. Kill Bill 1 and 2, Inglourious Basterds, and now Django Unchained.
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