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2013 Resolutions

New year is on our doorstep.

Anything you schmoes wanna get done in the next year ?


1. Learn spanish. I already have a basic understanding ( reading mostly ) but i'd like to be fully fluent in a 3rd language. "Una cerveza por favor" & "Numero uno para levar" can only get you so far.

2. Travelling. I've been around Europe quite a few time so i'm looking for a new destination. South America looks promising ( July in Chile is their winter so i could go ski in the mountain ... the canadian ski team does practise there afterall ) but a friend got a nice vacation in Africa last year ( sleeping with the lions in Tanzania might be too much but smoking some sweet hashish in Morocco might be nice ... and it's a french country so no problem for me ). I haven't travelled in 3 years.

3. Get back in touch with part of my family. It's a long story and i'm not spilling it on the net.
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