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Are you talking about Katt or The Clever Guy?

I'm not a poor guy...

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My intelligence does make things such as following the rules easy, yes. The ability to read and comprehend instead of just hitting away at things must frighten you, if you ever run across me I will understand you trying to swing at me.
Rules are meant to be broken. If some half-wit came up to me and slapped (assault), I'd retaliate and hit him back...that's called self-defense. Nothing wrong with that and it's not against the law to defend yourself. Don't give me that corporate policy crap, either. I was in retail for 6 years, mostly spent in loss prevention and undercover security (not rent-a-cop, either!) and have dealt with more than my fair share of assaults and self-defense...not once did I get into any trouble.

If Katt Williams came up to me and slapped me though, I'd pull that greasy ass hair out of his head and slap him back with it. Then I would beat the fuck out of him.
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