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Old 12-26-2012, 09:45 PM
Well you are right and l have looked at your post and l feel as if l have really judged size too much

Maybe l have done this because there are so many girls or young women suffering from eating disorders so l have judged skinny women in the wrong way

You are right when you say that some girls are naturally skinny and cant put on weight and if you go the other way it is the same for obese women where some have homone problems where they can not take the wait off and need help by doctoers and deititions

I feel as though your post has taught me a lesson and l will abide by waht you have said

I do defend all shapes and sizes and feel that we really do have a image problem for svery slim or obese women

I feel that being so critical of skinny women is from seeing models in mags where they have the very skinny look and where maybe a few years back when we had Cindy Crawford and more curvy look in a woman

But it is funny here l was judging skinny women and not looking at other factors about women
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