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There's a lot of scrutiny surrounding this film. The controversial subject matter, the use of language, Oscar buzz, box office results, etc...

I get it and I love it.

But here's the thing, and what matters most to me, I really enjoyed this movie. I mean, it's the ultimate cathartic revenge tale! You gotta think, Tarantino has seen a lot of Blaxploitation films, and he gets it. He gets the impetus behind what drove these films. You can't fault a film geek who gets to make whatever movies he wants for trying his hand at his favorite genres.

As for the issue of slavery, one that never seems to get talked about. Well, it is a dark time in our history. But that's the key, it's OUR history, a shared history. One that no one alive took part in. Slavery led to the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement and it's influence is still present, 150 years later. Maybe it's about time the conversation was sparked.

I thought the ending was great! This is fantasy, and Django gets to strike back, and boy does he. It's a tale that, had it happened, would have been legend. Not only that, but we're told fairly early on that this movie was based on a fairy tale. The German tale that Dr. Schulz tells Django speaks of a Dragon, and the Hero must save his Love from this evil Dragon. That's obviously what he's faced with. Maybe Calvin Candie's the Dragon, maybe it's the scourge of slavery. It's like the end of Inglourious Basterds, where Eli Roth shoots off Hitler's's that sort of satisfaction this film provides.

This movie is no more controversial than Inglourious Basterds. Maybe this one is harder to digest because it's about us. It's ok to laugh when it's the Germans, but not when it's us?

Anyway, I loved this movie. Never once was I concerned with what time it was, and the three hours flew by. I thought it was exciting, tense, fun. Maybe I'm biased, but Tarantino hasn't let me down yet.

Spike Lee needs to calm down and stop being so self-righteous. Maybe he's pissed that a white man made a better movie than he did regarding the plight of the black man.

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