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All hospitAls are public in canada

It's a good service to the public but yeah , waiting room time can be depressing.

When i got my thumb crushed under a steel plate at my old job , i had to wait 12 hours before a doctor saw me and put my hand under the x-ray machine to see if i had any broken bones ( nothing broken , don't worry ).

My thumb felt a cartoon image ( 100x the size and glowing ) but the meds were good.

The "problem" with public hospitAl is that urgency is priority so the longer you wait , the longer the probability of someone's coming in worst that you is greater.

Also as a parent (well you , not me ) , seeing your kid in pain is the worst feeling in the world. But i think the doctors were right to a point. Its not like they never saw anything new there and appendix is not THAT serious... well not like a dog had chewed someone's finger. They know how to handle it to keep cost to a minimum ( I'm not saying because i don't care but just because that is how the public system works.... tbh i wish we had 5 hours waiting time on average around here )
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