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For a company/network that sucks, they sure have a pretty decent track record. Just saying.
Yeah, it's been pretty decent, but I wouldn't expect it to stay that way. If we take a look at all of the issues AMC has had with nearly every single one of their original programs...

Breaking Bad and Mad Men have held onto their showrunners for their entire runs, but not without some brutal negotiations that jeopardized the future of both shows.

Rubicon: They fired the show's initial showrunner after the pilot. And hell, if they had renewed it, they probably would've fired Bromell, hoping it would lead to better Season 2 ratings.

Hell on Wheels: That show, THREE showrunners, and they still couldn't hang on to ANY of them.

The Walking Dead: On their third showrunner now, going into a fourth season.

The Killing: To Veena Sud, they have shown absolute loyalty. Veena fucking Sud!
...then I can't imagine that many talented show-runner's are going to be interested in bringing their material and ideas to AMC going forward. As Shawn Ryan said, it's not like they won't have an abundance of other options.
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