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The biggest change is that the big climax is at the actual end of the film, when Django had returned to rescue Hilda. The scene where Shultz shoots Candie, and subsequently dies, ended in the script practically with a fade out of Django and Broomhilda captured. The way it is now, we had one of QT's bloodiest scenes only to still have Django captured at the end. Way more underwhelming.
Also, everything that happens after Django's capture in the script is much better paced: the torture/conversation with Woody, Stephen's explanation of the LeQuint guys, Django's escape from that gang, and his rescue of Hildi intercutting with Candie's funeral procession. At the end, it was the same principal: he kills them all and blows up the ranch, but in the script he blows up the ranch first and emerges from the flames to everyone's surprise: would of been so sweet to see that on screen.
Anyways, it wasn't so much what happened in the end that irks me, it's more how it was handled. It feels rushed, messy and events unfold too quickly and easily for our hero. When I heard that he made last minute changes to the ending on set, it made sense.
Knowing that QT changed the ending, when that action sequence started I thought it was actually a pretty interesting ending. Then of course we discover the original ending stays mostly in tact, except now with that action detour the "real" ending is just a rushed version of what was in the script So the ending didn't really improve at all.

I have to say, I think that action sequence was actually the best bit of action I've seen out of an American film in a really long time. I thought it was brilliantly shot and brilliantly edited. But it seems weird as just an interjected scene into the original script's arc.

I'm wondering, what would you have thought of just cutting everything after Candie gets shot, and extending that action scene at the end to cover Django just killing everyone (without ever getting captured)?

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