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I don't know if I'm going to see this in theater or not. I head to Thailand next week, and if it's playing there I might go after I watch "Jack Reacher", "Life of Pi" and maybe something else that catches my interest.
I was curious to see reviews/opinions from other schmoes here. It seems a little 50/50 between good and bad.

I really don't like the last two installments of the LotR and I have a nagging feeling that this will be a tedious, overlong waste of time and I'll be asking myself why the hell it wasn't just one 2hr40min movie.
My ratings for the trilogy is:
FotR - 10/10
TTT - 5/10
RotK - 4/10

With that said, I was never really excited for this and I am quite sure that with PJ being able to do whatever he wants, he's going all-out and unconstrained, most likely to the movie's detriment. I also don't get how a 300 page book that can be well summarized within two hours of film gets 8 hours, and the LotR trilogy of over 1200 pages got that same amount of time.

I am curious, though... are there other elements NOT IN THE BOOK added here? Stuff from the Silmarillion or something?
that is funny. i am in thailand now and i finally saw it here. i saw it in the sfx cinema at the central plaza mall in bangkok. i will be here until jan 13th. Going to Pattaya for the last few days and Chaing Mai for a few days before that. Bangkok for the next week. If you are still in town, maybe we catch a movie together. Where in Thailand are you?
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