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What GREAT film(s) did everyone watch today (esp. on Netflix or Hulu Plus)?

One of the thread ideas that gets bumped around a lot and reincarnated by new members looking to start threads is the good ol' game of "What makes something a 10/10"? The other one is "What films do you think are overrated?"

For the most part we all know, so to speak, the generally understood candidates for 10/10. If you're a regular dude it includes mostly stuff like Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, A Clockwork Orange, The Dark Knight, The Shining, Scarface, The Big Lebowski, etc. If you're perhaps a cinephile or have more of an expansive interest it includes things like L'avventura, Sansho the Baliff, The Mirror, Andrei Rublev, etc. Put another way, there are certain movies that are discussed a lot and which going in you're already aware are something that may be great.

But I suspect a lot of members here have the experience of something coming from completely off the radar and snatching them. There was no expectation, it is not a movie people really talk about (or its a new release), and it is really god damn good. Is the movie a "10/10" or "one of my top 100"? Who the hell knows. After having just watched the movie that's (hopefully) not where your mind is. Rather you're in that post-movie haze that all movie fans love to get like an addict achieving a high.

So the point of this thread is simple, and I think it can be beneficial to all of us who are always on the look out for good movies, or who watch a movie and really want to talk about it despite the fact that there have been no active discussions about it on the board in years. Anytime you watch a really really good movie that gives you 'that feeling' (I assume you guys all know it via experience) come here and post it. The emphasis will I hope be on movies that are not really the typical known movies, but films that normally people wouldn't think about; this way people can be turned onto movies that they normally wouldn't go and watch. I think this should especially go for films that are on Netflix and Hulu Plus where other members can easily track them down based off the recommendation. If this thread gets clogged with "I watched Shawshank Redemption for the 10th time today and status report: it's still awesome" it may lose it's appeal. But this thread is, like all threads, a bit of an experiment, open to change, and a large potential for failure.

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