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I think the Steelers need to Draft A New QB and RB but I think need to draft a RB for they should have number 11th pick in the draft and should get a good one. I think we could get a good back up QB in the second round. Look at Cousins and Redskins.
Very few high draft picks are used on running backs. Yeah, the Browns took Trent Richardson with a top 5 pick, but the Bucs didn't spend a first rounder on Doug Martin. And of course, there's Alfred Morris of Washington, who has been spectacular. I don't think Pitt will spend their top 15 pick on a running back.

Anyway, couple of awards:

MVP - Peyton Manning. This is who I would vote for if I had a vote. Adrian Peterson is going to win, but I'd give it to Manning because he was spectacular all season. Peterson finished strong and carried his team to a 4-1 record through a brutal December schedule, but I just think Peyton was better throughout the course of the entire season.

Offensive Player of the Year - Peterson. Just a monster offensive season. 6 YPC with over 300 carries? That's insane.

Defensive Player of the Year - JJ Watt. More versatile than Aldon Smith or Von Miller, and Charles Tillman slowed down toward the end (as did everyone on the Bears)

Offensive ROY - Russell Wilson. I've changed my opinion on this like 5 times in the last 3 weeks. Right now, Wilson gets a SLIGHT edge over RGIII in my mind because he had more wins against quality opponents and played every game. Luck trails mainly because I think the AFC is a joke and he cooled off a bit towards the end. Wouldn't argue against any of the 3, though (or Alfred Morris or Doug Martin, for that matter). What a year for rookies.

Defensive ROY - Luke Kuechly. So consistent. Granted, I didn't get to see him play too much, but when I did, he was everywhere. Led the league in tackles, made great reads, and was equally effective in passing situations as he was in running situations.

Coach of the Year - Mike Shanahan. Devised a perfect scheme to maximize the productivity of two great rookies and win the NFC East. I know Bruce Arians is gonna get a lot of votes for emotional reasons, but I like Shanahan.

Comeback Player of the Year - Peyton Manning. This award confuses me. People mention Peterson, but he only missed 1 game last season. I don't know why he's in the running. Whatever. It should be Peyton anyway, because Peterson just came back from injury quicker than any one we've seen. Peyton came back from injuries that were seriously career threatening. We never wondered if Peterson WOULD play again, just WHEN. Manning's situation was completely different.
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