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I lived in Philadelphia for much of my life and it struck the wrong chord with me. Regardless of that, Tiffany just seemed like another notch on the film female character list that exists only to serve to needs and desires of the male character and isn't really given a full arc or desires of her own. You could argue that she has her dance competition and Pat does this for her so she finally gets to live out one of her dreams, but Pat only does it for selfish reasons (not because he has any respect for Tiffany, at least not for most of the film) and in the end Tiffany gets drunk because she's upset Nikki showed up... once again it's all about Pat. I just kept feeling like I knew far more about Pat's issues and his life and his desires.

This kind of reads like, "Sure you can say Tiffany has her own motivations but I don't because it doesn't fit my argument."

Your argument might be more convincing if her motivation was to get Pat back together with Nikki (which was Pat's motivation), but she had just as selfish as motivations as Pat.

Anyways, I'm glad many are liking it but I hope I at least somewhat capably explained my reasons for not liking it. I'd be happy if Lawrence gets her Oscar nom, although I'd frankly be much happier if she received it for The Hunger Games, which absolutely won't happen. If Bradley Cooper ends up nominated though I'll be pretty shocked/upset.
Really? Hunger Games? Where she put on her best Kristen Stewart and snoozed her way through what should have been pretty exciting thriller? Yeesh! I think the only time she showed any emotion was when she volunteered.
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