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I finally saw the film today and after reading the reviews that it's too long and boring I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe it is because I enjoy Middle-Earth so much and I welcome the return. The Erebor flashback is great.

The first song of the Dwarves didn't bother me. I thought it was to show the contrast between their earlier boorish behavior and how delicate they can be and how well they work together. The Misty Mountains Cold song is wonderful. It's ominous as a song and yet uplifting as a theme.

Don't know how much of the Radagast plot is in the book or that it's part of the appendixes. I think it's a nice prelude to the events of Lord of of the Rings. Saruman's denial that the happenings at Dol Guldor are of any importance is also a nice hint of what his role will be in the War of the Ring.

I do have the idea Peter Jackson relies on CGI for the adversaries too much like the Great Goblin and Azog. I can understand to have digital trolls, but even lesser goblins are computer generated. The make-up in the original trilogy was great so it's a shame it's so much CGI this time around.
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