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that reminds me ..... what the fuck are stone ? damn u british people

i mean .... KG is the best , pounds i learned to deal with ... BUT stones !!! i weight 12 stones .... is that fat or thin ? srsly FU britain. It's like when i hear 12 quids as a money reference in movie. Is that like a 20$ ?
Are you 12stone 205
if you are well it depends how tall you are and what type of buld you have
I have seen a recent photo of you and you look quite thick set in build and you look quite tall so if you are 12stone it should be alright

If you are around 205 or what ever it is in weight then l should be around 100
I have lost weight and dont feel so bloated at the moment
I hate christmas dinner and lunch and then left overs then you are always peeking inside the fridge at all the nice food

Oh and l had chocolates in there too a few packs given to me at christmas since l love chocolate it is very tempting

So that is my resalution to get all the fat off my body
I am not fat by all means l just feel uncomfortable when christmas food is there
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