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NFL Confidence Pool The 2012/13 Playoffs

Well 1st off I'd like to congradulate the winner of this year's pool which ends up being myself so thanks to myself for winning this year

Meant to get this up yesterday so here it is the confidence pool the playoff edition

If you have done it before this isnt new to you for anyone else this is how it goes

Every weekend you pick the winner of each game and assign a point value to each game. If you pick the correct winner of the game, you add the assigned score to your total score. Whoever has the most points at the end of the week is declared the winner.

Here is the twist...each week you have a total of 100 points to assign to your games. You can break up the points between games in any fashion you would like but you must give each game a minimum of 15 points. Your total points for the week must add up to 100.
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