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Finally, after a year of differing opinions and discussions that I have loved, Bourne and I see completely eye to eye.

In lieu of a long review, I'll just say a few things:

Quentin Tarantino continues his tour through revisionist history with an unsubtle film that is both wildly entertaining and filled with great power. Django Unchained is a film of style, wit, music, violence, and performance. A quartet of actors (Foxx, Waltz, DiCpario, Jackson) deliver portrayals that range from gleefully theatrical to cool as a cucumber that rank amongst the best work of their respective careers. There is depth and nuance and wonderful wordplay in the dialogue and ballets of blood in the action sequences. The film is a throwback spaghetti western come blaxploitation film that is hilariously anachronistic. It is a nasty circus of a film, an awesome hero’s journey, a calculation of perfect chemistry. But there is anger coursing through the veins of Django Unchained. It is morally reprehensible and at times horrifying, and thus the entire film is transformed into a very powerful and sobering piece of satire. The film holds emotional relevance thanks to the beautiful acting of Kerry Washington and we are forced to face the harsh truths (however overblown – or, perhaps even scarier, not at all overblown) of American slavery in a way few films before it have ever required. We ponder the mistakes of the past but I was also left thinking of the racism that still runs rampant throughout our country today. I am still furious. Incredible.
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