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Saw it over the weekend. It's very entertaining with Hopkins and Mirren being their natural best. Hopkins pulls off a good Hitch, nothing groundbreaking like DDL does for Lincoln, but he's excellent and one scene in particular towards the end is a highlight of the year because of him. The script is biting and fresh, and the overall story is interesting especially if you don't know too much about Hitchcock's methods (I've never been a die hard Hitch fan, so most of the film revealed new things for me)

Of course, the story is more about Alma and Hitch and not about Psycho, and this is where it gets a bit too thin for my tastes. The conflict between the two just never felt as strenuous as the story wanted it to be. Hitch's visits by Ed Geins were also a bit ... bizarre, and I wish the film went a bit deeper into that.

Overall, 3 stars, 7/10. Solid entertainment.
This perfectly sums up my feelings. It's very entertaining and watchable, but the relationship stuff is a little thin, the Ed Gein stuff is weird, and it should have focused more on the actual making of Psycho. The best parts of the film are when he's trying to get it greenlit, the stuff on set, and the stuff at the end where he's editing/screening it. The relationship stuff isn't terrible or anything, it's just really thin.
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