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When France is too liberal even for the liberals, you know it's bad .

The Poor Man's half ass explanation :

Essentially a person can "buy" a citizenship for whatever country they choose.

Each country has a personal wealth threshold that if met grants the petitioning immigrant full citizenship. In more developed countries this threshold is higher than other less developed countries, obviously .

I think with a cool 3 mil pounds someone could buy citizenship in a country like the UK, don't quote me on that figure but it is around that number, yeah i did look into it some time ago when i was contemplating emigrating there . ( and no i wasn't looking to obtain citizenship via the entrepreneur avenue, i was just curious in what ways the process could be expedited, that happened to be one of them . ) . They figure entrepreneur's will contribute to the economy and not be a burden on government resources , they would be more like a trough for the government .

You could also emigrate to various countries under the entertainer visa ( you have to prove an unique skill and talent in the entertainment field that is distinguished from your peers ), which may be what GD is going to do but he could also emigrate under the aforementioned entrepreneur visa also .

Concerning his tax liabilities, he may have paid taxes on international income. Say he makes a movie in the Usa and is paid by an entity that is based in the Usa ( he will be liable to pay taxes to the Us gov on that income ). When he files his taxes in France, he reports whatever taxes he paid to the Irs in America and this lessens his liability in his home country , which is how it should be or else it would be double taxation . This isn't some loophole or tax write off because if you already got taxed 40 percent in a foreign country and now your home country wants to tax you again at another 40 to 50 percent, what the hell are you working for ? At France's proposed rate, you would owe money ,minus a tax treaty agreement ( 40 plus 75 percent )

This is because various countries have tax treaties and recognize each other's tax laws .

Of course this only affects a select few but even on a smaller scale with someone who does business on an international level , it will have an effect .

End explanation --------

I applaud this GD guy, he's truly sticking it to the French government who want to severely punish someone who works hard and is successful all to pay for someone who doesn't .

It does say something that he even thought the Usa's tax structure was too severe for him to want to emigrate here .

40 percent is bad enough but 75 ? That's psychotic , yep i said it, that's not a so called fair share at that point, that's naked theft of money made legitimately by a citizen .

I doubt that will happen though, if somehow it does, there is going to be a mass exodus of the "evil" rich people from France .

Obama will be watching these developments closely, he's probably thinking , phifft, i want 85 percent .

You know what i don't get, all those celebrities that threatened to leave the country if Bush was re elected back in 04, they are all still here . GD said he was going to leave and he is/did .
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