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And none of it would work if not for the last 20 minutes in which the film's theme becomes prevalent and relevant. I've heard so many people say (far beyond just this message board) that the film should have ended 20 minutes earlier but then it wouldn't have been half the film it is. The entire point of this piece (beyond the wild entertainment value) is glued together and hit home in the ending. If not for them then Django doesn't complete his arc and QT doesn't get to have his say, and then the film isn't much of anything at all. Each note seems perfectly calculated in order to finally turn Django into the man he is, who outsmarts more than outguns, who out confidences more than outtalks, and who instills a sense of hope and that awesome smile on the face of that guy in the cage. And the fact that he ends up having to "fight" Stephen, long after Candie is gone, is the final comment in the coffin and it makes this truly disgusting (in a good way) and a very potent piece of American satire. Stephen is a brilliant character and a scathing work of social commentary.
Agreed, that's why I say that the film definitely should NOT have ended 20 minutes earlier, but the last 20 minutes shouldn't have been as rushed. This is what, personally, took me out of it a bit. Tarantino's terrible acting, the quickness of the editing,


Especially in the scene where Django just walks in and shoots everyone after saying "D'Artangan bitches!" - that's a certain kind of tone that doesn't make any sense with anything else in the film

That extended I hope.

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Also, Foxx keeps getting trashed or left aside but it's incredibly difficult to hold the screen alongside such theatrical and bold performances when you are playing a reserved, quiet character. I think Foxx is far more impressive here than he is getting credit for but he's acting with quiet and subtlety and confidence as opposed to what others in the film are doing.
Yeah, on second viewing you notice Foxx's performances a bit more and I have a feeling that soon enough after the film is seen a few more times by everyone, Foxx's performance will get the credit it deserves. Definitely not as showy as the other three, but for what it is it's really great.
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