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This is Promised Land!? I thought all this time Promised Land was the new Matt Damon movie which takes place in a science fiction setting, where Matt's character has to challenge and take down the powers that be. He plays a vigilante from the future, bent on changing things.

The movie was supposed to have a very urban, cybernetic futuristic feel to it and star all the big hits like Morgan Freeman and Frances Mcdormand. This film looks absolutely nothing like it at all, looks to take place in a rural country town and Matt Damon's rival isn't here either.

Did I get these movies confused somehow? I thought it was called Promised Land, but now I wonder if it is a movie beginning with the letter "E" for Elysium/phraim or something. It definitely has Matt Damon as the lead actor, as he chose to shoot the movie instead of a new Bourne film.

Does anyone know what I'm speaking of here who can clarify? Appreciate it.

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