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But she does post more often on this(non-movie/chat) subforum than on all the other subforums. And you still engage with her even though you don't like her.
Well l post here on the non movie section l will go into the Celeb area
Oh you would have seen me in general movie talk

Oh l have Ranted on Rant Rant threads at times
I also want to state there was a topic started by BB Block where he asked me what movies l liked and l was able to come across it not that long ago

Mr Guiltless l was posting with you in the faourites where you were asking me my favourite Bond music clips

Oh l have alos been in the political area having my veiw on things

Instead of judging please look around before you sa yl only go here
Oh been in the music area posted many songs

geez l shouldnt have to prove my self to anyone did you know that

Also it is the first time that l have heard that Dirtyfrog doesnt like me
He has been pming me for around 10mths
Also l have spoken to God of war through pm
He is a lovely man and l always enjoy our chats

Erroneous he is a good man who has never judged me at anytime

Get to know me as a perosn before starting this type of rubbish up

Leave members to enjoy themselves instead of makimg thee time a upsetting experiece

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