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Okay, so been doing some thinking about this movie recently, and here goes: I don't think that Synder has the right vision for this project. To be fair, I didn't think that Singer had the right vision for Superman Returns either. However, I look at the stuff we've seen so far, and while some of it (the fight scenes with Zod) are very cool, most of it is decidely "meh" (pretty much everything else). I keep worrying that warner wanted to do a Superman movie, and picked Synder to do it, which pretty much signals failure from the start.

In many ways, the history of such things is riddled with bad ideas that were oh so obviously bad ideas, to anyone who cared to pay attention, but no one said anything until after hundreds of millions of dollars were spent. I'll say it now: the reason I've been mum on the trailers and stuff so far is that I find the whole thing to be pretty bad, and the creative direction in general, to be lacking. I would love to be wrong, and for the sake of a JL movie, and whatever else WB might have in the pipeline, I need to be wrong. There's just something in my gut, something I can't shake, that makes me uncomfortable about this film.
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