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After seeing 'The Hobbit' I was completely baffled by the negative critical response that this movie got. I enjoyed the hell out of it, and thought it was close to par with the LOTR films. Sure it was a bit slow at times, but so were the LOTR movies.

I give it a solid 8/10

Then I saw this movie again in 3D @ 48fps. Wow, talk about completely ruining the film going experience. The 48fps completely took me out of the story. It made everything look so artificial, even simple movements looked jarringly unnatural (even when compared to reality). I could not get into the story, and found it impossible to care for the characters when I was too distracted by how everyone looked like they were moving in an ever-so-slight fast forward motion. All the way till the end of the movie I could not adjust to the 48fps effect. It was a terrible experience.

If I had to rate this film based on my 48fps experience, I'd give it 5/10.

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