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Worst Picture
The Oogieloves in Big Balloon Adventure"

Worst Director
Sean Anders - "That's My Boy"

Worst Actress
Katherine Heigl - "One for the Money"

Worst Actor
Adam Sandler - "That's My Boy"

Worst Supporting Actress
Rihanna - "Battleship"

Worst Supporting Actor
Nick Swardson - "That's My Boy"

Worst Screen Ensemble

Worst Screenplay

Worst Remake, Rip-Off, or Sequel
"Pirannha 3-DD"

Worst Screen Couple
That's what i'd vote for ... based on movies I have seen ( didn't watch any of the Twilight movies btw ).

Worst actor : Nicolas Cage in Ghostrider 2 was a close 2nd ... but the movie got so many problems and Nic isn't the worst of them whereas That's My Boy could have been a better movie but Adam Sandler is clearly phoning it in.

Worst supporting actor : While Piranha 3DD and That's my Boy are terrible movies , i think the Hoff and Vanilla Ice were redeeming cameo appearances. Nick Swardson gets on my nerve even worst than in Just Go With It.

Worst screen ensemble : Battleship easy. Liam is on-screen for 5 minutes but gets top-billing , Rihanna says like 42 words in the whole movie ( most of them being WOAH! , FIRE ! & FUCK YEAH ! ) and the rest was more awful to comment on it. WTF was Peter MacNicol doing in this movie ? I like this guy but not in this movie.

Worst Remake, Rip-Off, or Sequel: Piranha 3DD .... it's not only that the movie was terribad but it's the fact that it's only like 70 minutes long padded with a 10 minutes gag reel. Sorry , the joke is not on me. Anything not featuring the Hoff was bad , the Hoff does know how to wear shame with pride !

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