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Top five:

The Best of Youth [Marco Tullio Giordana]
There Will Be Blood [Paul Thomas Anderson]
Mulholland Drive [David Lynch]
The White Ribbon [Michael Haneke]
In The Mood For Love [Wong Kar-Wai]

In no order:

Synecdoche, New York [Charlie Kaufman]
Inland Empire [David Lynch]
The Son [Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Denis Freyd]
Nostalgia for the Light [Patricio Guzmán]
Silent Light [Carlos Reygades]
Once Upon a Time in Anatolia [Nuri Bilge Ceylan]
Dancer in the Dark [Lars Von Trier]
Zodiac [David Fincher]
A History of Violence [David Cronenberg]
Four Months, Three Weeks, and Two Days [Cristian Mungui]
The Turin Horse [Bela Tarr]
Holy Motors [Leos Carax]
Yi Yi [Edward Yang]
No Country for Old Men [Ethan & Joel Coen]
Young Adult [Jason Reitman]
The Return [Andrei Zvyagintsev]
Dogville [Lars Von Trier]
Caché [Michael Haneke]
Wall-E [Andrew Stanton]
Talk to Her [Pedro Almodóvar]
Upstream Colour [Shane Carruth]
Her [Spike Jonze]

There's still a ton to get through.

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