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Finally saw this today

I really enjoyed the movie, but I really hope it doesn't win Best Picture over Argo same with Best Director (The final 20 minutes of Argo alone should earn Affleck the award)

As for Daniel Day Lewis, there is no denying the man is a genius, but I still think that Denzel Washington gave the performance of the year in Flight. Much like Day Lewis' performance in There Will Be Blood, Denzel's performance in FLight stuck with me for days/ weeks/ months after I saw it, and when that happens, it is special.

FOr Supporting actor, I will say Tommy Lee Jones is giving Alan Arkin a run for his money, those are 2 great performances and I will be okay with either winning the awards (I am still not sure who I will cast mine for!)

As a movie, it hits... to make a 2 and a half hour movie about the passing of a single constitutional amendment as entertaining as it was is an incredible feat.
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