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I'm rambling here but my point is that DU sums up what's so fascinating about Tarantino which is how he wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to make a film about a horrific period in America's history and show the brutality of that era, but at the same time he can throw in spaghetti western references and huge ridiculous squibs if he feels like it. It's a high wire act that he amazingly succeeds at for the most part, and touches like selectively choosing the level of gore in certain sequences manage to work without being distracting in any way. DU isn't my favourite Tarantino movie but it might be one of his most accomplished ones. I know people on here like myself (Quentin is another one) have taken issue with QT not maturing as a filmmaker but I've seen huge developments with this and IB.
Great points. This is why I think Spike Lee, whose work I am a fan of, is off base in his criticisms. He keeps tweeting about how it's disrespectful, making slavery look cool, and comparable to Birth of a Nation and Triumph of the Will. I can see how one might be upset that Tarantino is using the spaghetti western genre to tell a story about slavery, but I thought that the way Tarantino did it was very intelligent and respectful and the spaghetti western aspects of it benefit the satirical tone of the first half. The comparison to Birth of a Nation is absolutely asinine, when Birth of a Nation is criticized within this very film. The bag scene is a giant middle finger to that film (which Tarantino has publicly criticized many times) and John Ford (who played a Klan member in Birth of a Nation). I also don't see how it makes slavery look cool. Maybe the Rick Ross and Tupac songs are a bit much, but the Rick Ross song in particular has a western tone and fits perfectly with the scene that it plays over. It's hardly "cool" to see people whipped, branded, pitted against each other to the death, eaten by dogs, put in a hot box, verbally destroyed, and hung upside down with the possibility of castration.

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I can't wait for this thread to die. This movie is so goddamned overrated on here. You'd think some of the schmoes on here got some sort of payola. It's entertaining, somewhat and has its moments; but Tarantino is definitely losing his touch.
If the thread is such an inconvenience to you, then you can choose to ignore it. It's not like the film hasn't been criticized. Many have had reservations, but instead of saying "Let's close it down cause I don't like the movie as much as everyone else!" they explain what worked for them and what didn't and discussion follows. That's what most people are here for.

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