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Christoph Waltz - on the fast-track to a lifetime achievement. well deserved.

The Impossible (Visual Effects)
Holy Motors (...foreign language film)
The Hunt (foreign language film)
The Impossible didn't make the long list of Visual Effects contenders and was thus not eligible for a nomination this morning.

In order to be nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, the film's country has to submit it, and each country is only allowed to submit one film. Neither Holy Motors nor The Hunt were submitted by their respective countries. Denmark submitted A Royal Affair (which got nominated), and France submitted The Intouchables (which, shockingly, did not).

Also, in regards to your first comment that I quoted, I agree that he's an excellent actor, but do you really think Christoph Waltz is lifetime achievement worthy just based on two performances (I know he's done other things, but he's really only received a lot of acclaim for his two Tarantino performances)?
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