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I still don't know why the Academy seems to hate pt anderson so much. I think it's because his movies don't make $100 million dollars, but that's weird since the academy usually doesn't recognize big blockbuster movies, but hey Tarantino is cool(lol) so I guess they'll make an exception. but if you want to talk about snubs how does a screenplay like The Master get that many nominees in the best acting categories yet doesn't get a nomination for best original screenplay? weren't those great roles a result of the screenplay? pt anderson is a much better writer than quentin tarantino. too bad the academy doesn't recognize that, but how long was it before martin scorsese finally got his academy award? so maybe pt anderson should be proud to be in great company.

I read a draft of the Django unchained screenplay and it came across as a big mess to me. there's nothing original about sloppy writing.

I am happy that a movie like beasts of the southern wild was recognized so it wasn't all disappointing news.
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