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Stuff I think is underappreciated from 2012:

The Impossible:
- Best Picture
- Best Director - JA Bayona
- Best Actress - Naomi Watts
- Best Supporting Actor - Tom Holland
- Best Special Effects
- Best Scene - Tsunami hitting sequence.

If you haven't seen it, go watch it. I have no idea why this amazing film hasn't been mass-marketed better. Fantastic based-on-truth story, amazing special effects, big stars... it's even in english!

Holy Motors
- Best Picture
- Best Director - Leos Carax
- Best Actor - Denis Lavant
- Trippiest movie (it should this award twice!)

Act of Killing
- Best Documentary
- Trippiest

Jennifer Lawrence
- ffs, nominate her for Hunger Games not SLP. SLP is the better film, but THG is by far the better of her performances.

Samantha Barks
- Best Supporting Actress - Les Miserables.
- Best newcomer or whatever is closest. Sure, Hathaway deserves to win and should win, but this girl was amazing and an unknown.

Dwight Henry
- Best Actor (or Supporting Actor) - Beasts of the Southern Wild. He was the best part of this highly overrated movie.