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I have no doubt they researched the facts diligently. I do not question this films presentation of the facts. So no, knowing the amount of research they put into this is not going to change my opinion of it.

There was no contrast in the government agents, they were all pretty much the same. By that I don't mean their opinions (I realize everyone disagreed with Maya). I mean in how they were portrayed. Very cookie cutter, no depth, no complexity, just straight-forward secret agent man. Btw, you do know there was a news story out recently about the amount of porn the employees at the dept of defense were viewing don't you? Why not throw something like that in there? Come on man show me some of these fools surfing porn at work and getting busted, show me some of their dirt or it comes across as very fake IMO. And it doesn't have to be porn related there just happened to be a major story about that recently is why I used that as an example. Basically, show me their human side. An excellent example would be how the character of Tony Mendez was portrayed by Affleck in Argo. Just don't insult my intelligence, show me these people are human.

Really, you believe that they are realistic? You believe that what we saw is all there is to these characters? It was only one side of them, ZERO depth here other than Jason Clarke as Dan. He had a couple layers but not much really. Not near the levels of complexity displayed by Renner's character in Hurt Locker. That's what I want and what I am talking about.

OK, first of all there would be directors lined up around the corner if you want a movie made about the hunt down and killing of Osama. The most hated and hunted man on the planet, maybe the only bad guy since Hitler pretty much EVERYONE has actually said deserved to die. And you think that's a risk? Are you joking? Seriously, we (America) get bashed for A LOT of things (many, rightfully so) in regards to our foreign policy. But hunting down and killing Osama was the one thing EVERYONE (outside of Jihadists of course) was 100% behind us on. If any story posed zero risk and an almost absolute certainty of success, it is this one.

A quick list of my faves of the year would have to include an asterisk as I haven't had the pleasure to see The Master yet. I have a feeling it will be my #1 for the year. Anyway, here is my list for favorite American movies of the year.

1. Killer Joe
2. Flight
3. The Paperboy
4. Killing Them Softly
5. Argo

My current favorite overall film of the year is not an American movie though. IMO, the best movie of the year hands down is The Raid. But like I said, haven't seen The Master yet.
Just seems like we watched different movies. You're talking about introducing porn or some other left-field controversial subject about the government in a film that has a hard enough time to deal with one subject. Just sounds like your expectations for this movie were something way beyond what the film actually wanted to talk about. If you didn't think Maya's, Jessica's and Dan's characters were human, then again, sounds like you wanted a 5 hour film or a mini series, or a TV show like Homeland where there is enough time to cover everything and make every character three-dimensional.

But anyways, if your favorite film from the whole year is The Raid (which is pure action entertainment, and nothing else) and you have The Paperboy and Flight in your top 5 American've got a very peculiar way of thinking about what's good and what's not good in movies. Just sounds like you want entertainment which, by the way, doesn't bode too well for The Master. Don't be surprised if you hate it.

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