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Oh yeah, waterboarding isn't torture, BTW. It's always amusing when I see it in a film and they make it out to be this big in that Denzel Washington movie. It's the equivalent of dunking a guy's head in the toilet a few times. Sure, it's unpleasant but it's not the equivalent of putting a guy in a small box for 3 that is torture. I mean, giving a guy nothing but bread and water to eat for 1 month is probably far more psychological torture than water boarding. Personally, I think these are all just standard interrogation tactics. it's not like these war criminals are in real physical danger. Plus, they are allowed to be coerced according to the Geneva convention because they are unlawful combatants. I think we should all keep in mind that these war criminals could have just been shot dead. They were only kept alive so that they could provide intel. What is worse? Killing someone or keeping them alive in an uncomfortable state so we can save lives with the intel?
Water boarding is most definitely torture. The severity of water boarding as compared to other forms of torture is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that holding someone captive and abusing them to any degree physically or mentally constitutes torture, so I wouldn't downplay it.

Anywho, looking forward to seeing this sometime soon. I enjoyed the hurt locker, (although several of my veteran friends informed me that it wasn't exactly an accurate portrayal of how explosives are handled in the military) and I'm thinking that i'll probably enjoy this.
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