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I thought it was fantastic. I was completely gripped from start to finish. There aren't very many great procedural dramas nowadays, but Zero Dark Thirty is a rare one that is done right. The level of detail is exceptional and while I'm sure even more could have been included, Bigelow and Boal strip it down into a tightly structured and engaging film. While I obviously knew some of the details from TV and news articles, this certainly clarified some things and presented them in an interesting way.

The one film this has been compared to is Zodiac, another rare great procedural drama. I think the comparison is apt, but I do think Zodiac is better in the sense that I thought the main character was handled better. While Chastain is terrific in the role and has some really great scenes to shine, I don't think the character is handled as well as Robert Graysmith was in Zodiac. Chastain occasionally feels like a robot, and while the sense of isolation that is depicted at times throughout the film is somewhat powerful, it feels slightly tacked on in comparison to the brilliant development of Graysmith from a goofy cartoonist into a man consumed by obsession to the point of isolation. I honestly thought Clarke was the highlight acting-wise.

All in all though, it's one of the best of the year, and is likely to hit my top 3.

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