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I'm not sure what to say except that with all due respect, it seems like you genuinely didn't get what the controversy was about.
You're right that I missed the actual point of the controversy, after having a quick convo about it on twitter, and glancing through the NY Book Review article, it felt like the point was that people didn't believe torture was used. So I jumped on that. Thanks for clearing that up Quentin, I'll edit my review as well.

I'm thankful that I didn't miss the point so completely to make me jump fences. The film doesn't depict that they got the information through torture. The biggest thing everyone seems to be crying about is that Zerk Dark Thirty "advocates the use torture" which is pretty ridiculous to me. They show that torture was used in the film, but the tortured person didn't break

they instead got the information through manipulation and lies, by using the fact that the enemy hadn't slept for 90+ hours and didn't know vital information so they fooled him into believing that he already told them something he didn't. Unless you think that same kind of advantage wouldn't be used in real-life, I don't see the issue here. I wouldn't be so quick to trust people in power on this issue, they'd like to cover it up as much as possible. The film used the idea of torture as a manipulation tactic but it didn't feel like torture was the key reason they got the information. It was actually Maya's cunning. Is cunning a torture method?

Everyone's jumping up and waving their hands in protest for nothing.

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