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Beyond mere villiany, though, there is an essence to Superman that is relatable. One of my co-workers, at the place where I work, is an immigrant from India. He came over here to go to school, he finished, and he found work here. He's been struggling with the oddball immigrations policies of this country for years now. I often think of him, or my parents, who immigrated to this country in the 70s, and think "man, how lonely must that be?" When my parents came here, they had no family or friends here, strangers in a strange land. My co-worker is in a similar situation, he's made some friends, but all of his family, and all of his child-hood friends are on the other side of the planet.

Take that feeling and multiply it by an entire planet, you've lost everyone, your entire civilization, and you're the last member of your race. There is nobody like you, nobody to talk to about who you are, anywhere in the universe. What a lonely and isolated feeling that is. I've never know it, because I was born here, raised here, and this is my home, this is where my friends and family are (more than a few of my family members followed my parents and came over). Being Superman is about being different, being Superman is the immigrant's story. Being Superman is to be the light that shows humanity the way (the parallels with Moses are oh so obviously intentional, being that Superman was created by two Jewish boys from Cleveland). That's a pretty big job, whether he wants it or not.
I'm always reminded of Bill's soliloquy in Kill Bill: Vol. 2 when it comes to Superman - as far as his view of the world. I've always loved that part of the movie.

I think of the things that stands out in the promotion for Man of Steel is the shot of Superman walking in handcuffs with an armed military escort. This is on a poster and in the trailer. What's interesting about this to me is that those handcuffs can't hold Superman and anything those escorts fire at Supes will bounce right off. Yet, Superman looks like he's in no hurry to escape. So I think he's chosen to be taken by these authorities and accepted that he's different and doesn't want to do anything about it. I'm curious as hell to see what becomes of the story angle and that particular scene - how it came about and what happens after it.
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