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Django Unchained - 6.5/10

Structurally, it is one of his better pieces and it makes for compulsive viewing, as always; those first two hours flew by. In many ways, this is grown-up Tarantino. It displays some of his better writing and, although thin on plot, story-telling skills. Unluckily, it opts out of this in its final thirty minutes-or so and turns in to a hyperactive caricature of itself. I was hoping for something a little more cathartic and by this I don't mean mowing down tons of white folk. I also think it was a danger putting Christoph Waltz besides Django, as he stole the spotlight in my eyes.

Can I also say that the three or four minute scene with Jonah Hill was absolutely abysmal. It felt incredibly tacked-on and contained Tarantino's happy-go-wanky writing, which I commended the film for being light of above.

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