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Sure, the sleep deprivation helped them pass off the lie but it was the lie that got them Abu Ahmed's name. And even then all it got them was a bunch of dead ends. What really got the ball rolling was Maya finding out about the department's "human error." I feel really fucking dumb breaking this down because even now I can see how the impact of torture on the investigation is pretty muddled. The implication that it's giving a thumbs up/making torture a vital aspect of getting Bin Laden or that the movie should have explicitly showed the ineffectiveness of torture only shows that people are not getting this movie at all.
I think this sums it up pretty well. The impact of torture on the investigation is very muddled and it never made me think "Boal is saying that torture is a very successful method of obtaining information". The sleep deprivation helped them pass off the lie, but the result of that ended up leading them to torture more people and get contradictory answers (like the guy who said he was dead). If anything, the film seems to be showing how even by the rare chance that torture leads to a piece of information, you can never tell if the information is any good. There will be another detainee giving contradictory information. And even though the lie was successful, it was reliant on another attack taking place. That's not exactly the most efficient or effective way of finding information.

I can see where QUENTIN is coming from though. If the events depicted in the first 45 minutes are completely fabricated, why not include what actually happened? I think you get the same result, but it would get rid of some of the ambiguity that is (apparently) present and prevent some individuals from misinterpreting the film. I think it's fine as it is though.

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