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People will see what they want to see. There are those (more informed than the layman) who will walk into this movie ready to question absolutely everything that's put in front because it's a retelling of an actual event that got a lot of media attention and is a very important piece of history. Plus, Boal and Bigelow went on record about the research and the film is based on first-hand accounts.

So when something like the sensitive issue of torture (just as an aside: I love how many people are so sensitive about torture and yet torture is used in war, has been and always will be, but anyway..) is brought up as part of the story, people's ear perk up and their eyes open wider and they look for every and any little thing to make sure that it's not depicted falsely. (For example, someone on another forum said that Dan's comment about "being the last to hold the dog collar" is somehow indicative of a torture apologist mindset...the fuck?)

And yet, it seems to me like it's only the really well-informed people who are noticing that there is some kind of issue or saying that ZDT advocates torture, or clearly shows that Bin Laden was captured by successful torture methods. For others who are not that informed (like me and abishop for example, and users from different sites) it's the last thing they would think. But the worried parties are raising up all this dust precisely because they don't want the uninformed people to walk away thinking that torture was effective, even though it seems like they are the ones who are only thinking that? It's all very ironic.

It's pretty clear to me that torture wasn't the reason they caught Bin Laden, and that the way the torture scenes were filmed, the way the actors played the roles and EVERYTHING about those first 45 minutes screamed an anti-torture ideology, clearly depicted torture as an evil that is being seen by the U.S. as "necessary" but actually being used in excess because it doesn't get you any substantial kind of information to get to your target. Boggles my mind that some people can actually walk away thinking "guess we had to use torture otherwise we'd never get Bin Laden!". People see what they want to see.
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