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Holy Motors
What I've seen of your predilection of film, I'd have thought this would be chief of your list.

1. Holy Motors
2. Tabu
3. Beyond the Hills
4. The House I Live In
5. tie. Zero Dark Thirty / Killer Joe

In the pipeline: War Witch, Sister, The Intouchables, Tchoupitoulas, Amour, Barbara, No, Chasing Ice, In the Fog, Argo, Sightseers, Three Sisters, The Sessions, The Hunt, The Central Park Five, Spring Breakers, Post Tenebraus Lux, To the Wonder, Cosmopolis, The Master, Berberian Sound Studio . . .

I've barely scratched the surface.

What a great year for film. I view the films ranked above with high regard and there will be another few shiners from what I want to see, for sure. That is rare in a year for me.

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