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Past Tense

"V: The Complete First Season" - Part II

The other big issue I had was their shuttle crafts. It's like they ran out of ideas and slaps something together, good enough. The front looks like the space shuttle with a body that kinda reassemble a snake, sort of. I was very disappointed. That space ship looks so mundane, from the portfolio of a first year art student. Where was the grandeur?

That's fancy! And doesn't look familiar. When the Visitors first appeared in person ('83) it was from their shuttle. That's a super cool design. A craft that was made to be modular; it could shuttle, troop transport, fighter or cargo tanker. It makes perfect sense. You would want a versatile vehicle. This thing fits the bill. And this was a full scale prop (1 to 1 scale). Very sway.

Sure, another gripe were people calling the aliens - "The Vs", that got on my nerve. Just call them Visitors, don't placate to the Twitter crowd. *deep sigh*

- - -

Taking a step back on that shuttle. In the mini-series there was a scene where Mike's son's friend, Tommy (Josh Brooks) shows him his new toy - a Visitor craft with action figure. I was in elementary school when this aired (May 1st and 2nd, 1983). How cool is that? Man, I wanted one of those toys real bad! That thing was huge.

This was something I didn't know about until this year. There was a Visitor fighter craft and Jeep with figures toy set. Don't know where this was released. But I'm guessing this is from the later TV series (1984). In the series they used Jeeps to move about. Granted they did use a couple to some extent in the second mini-series "V: The Final Battle" ('84). I would like one, too bad the windows are painted black and not see through. If this came out today, it would have sound effects, light up and have a detailed cockpit. I'm surprised they haven't done that yet. It's all about licensing I suppose.

- - -

This is strictly for the guys (slash) pervs. What did the lizard ladies wear under their uniform? A solid, good question. Men will ponder that.

Sometimes lizard is better. *Fred Gwynne voice*

In the reboot, the Visitor Lisa (Laura Vandervoort) wore dark brown bra and matching boy shorts with an off white trim. Have nothing to complain about, it works and would be functional. She looks very nice in it.

For the original, Visitor Barbara (Jenny Neumann) wore a cream orange bikini (pictured with Mike Donovan [Marc Singer]). Okay, I guess. It does the job. That outfit is very much a product of its time. But I much prefer the lingerie worn by Lisa. And I'm guessing most of the male readers here would agree with that... and perhaps a few ladies too.

- - - - - - - - - -


There was a second exclusive for season one. This came from North of the boarder - Canada, another steelbook case. As you can see the cover is slightly different from the U.S. steelbook (and wider). It was sold for DVD or Blu-Ray from Future Shop, the sister retail store of Best Buy. It was released on November 10th, 2010. Sorry, but I do not know the prices.

- - -

Here's the cover from the first mini-series. The came to DVD on July 3rd, 2001 in one of those hated cardboard snapper cases (for $19.95). *shaking fist* On November 8th, 2011 it was re-released (priced at $14.97), now in a standard DVD case.

Just so you know, it okay - nothing was lost, you gained. The DVD presents the mini-series in widescreen, but didn't the thing aired on TV full screen? They didn't chop up the bottom and top to make it wide. The mini-series was filmed wide then cropped for television.

- - -

So you can know what they did back in '80s. This is the real make-up they did for the big reveal by television journalist, Donovan who snuck on board the L.A. mothership. They are not like us... they are not our friends.

- - - - - - - - - -


Above is a behind the scenes photo (from the finale); director/creator Kenneth Johnson with actress Faye Grant who played Dr. Juliet Parrish. I'll let you in on a personal secret... It was her. *whispered voice*

It was Ms. Grant who captured my heart as a boy and gave me a lifetime affinity for petite women. It's true. Man, she's so huggable and stuff.

There you have it, another cluster for you. You could say crap, but I would say - educational. The next PT for January will whack at you (that's not a sex pun- you'll see) on January 31st.

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