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A debate on films and guns are over due well this is waht this director has said

Director Robert redford says that movies containing guns is not good and things should change in a way

I have to agree that there is alot of guns and other things that can be concerning plus you have people out there who can not control certain behaviors to a point

it is a shame we have to change the way we do things but if there is a negative impact maybe something should be done

i hope you have a look at this link and see waht you think of waht he is saying

Do you think that we should stop making movies with guns in it and go for a more tamer version
Years ago actors and directors and also producers would make films but they would let you use your imagenation on waht happens next

This is a actor who stared in Sundance and well that had guns in it

Maybe things have changed these days on how people react to waht they see in movies

Anyway l would like your opinion on this
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