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Elizabeth Hurley Swearing At reporter

i feel this is all for attention

You see she is currently going out with a Australian Cricket player and well she is trying to get people to notice her

As you can see with the footage it was Liz who pushed forward and bumped the reporter and then swearing at her was disgusting
I feel that yes the reporter was trying to get the attention of the australian cricket star not her that is why hse did waht she did

i feel that the Australian public have had enough of her and well l hope she goes away at some time

When she was walking way from the reporter she was smiling feeling proud of herself well l thought she was just a silly woman
Also as you will see from the other clips of the australian cricket stat Shane warne he was doing the same thing when he was playing international cricket l just feel they just want the attention and well no one in Aus is noticing there silly antics
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