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This certainly isn't a feel-good movie, despite that it's about finding and killing the most wanted asshole in the world. I enjoyed the movie for what it was - a step-by-step story of how the CIA found Osama Bin Laden, and what it went through to do so. In the movie, you see the procedures, the struggles, the dead ends, the frustrations, and the hard work that went into the search. While it's hard to connect or relate with the characters in the movie, it was fascinating watching how committed they were to completing this mission - screaming at their boss, bribes, assassination attempts, losing co-workers, and insomnia. Jessica Chastain plays the lead in the movie and she gets better as the movie continues showing all the emotion and drive you'd expect from somebody who's been after this guy for as long as she has. It's a tense and suspenseful movie and you're along for the entire ride, including the mission with the SEAL team when they get the bastard.

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