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I think she's gorgeous, but her sex appeal goes deeper than her appearance, as sex appeal always does.

She's a kick, got a great personality, is a fantastic actress, rocks her non super skinny body and is comfortable in her skin. She's also a chameleon, can look so different in every picture/movie I see her in!

She's said some silly things, but she's young - I'd hate anything I said back at age 22 to be caught on tape. I say stupid things now I don't mean the way they come out.
Well when you think of it in that way she does look the type of a person who you could have fun with and she seems easy going

half of the time we look at appearances or how beautiful a person is and l posted my commnet because l felt that some male members were looking at beauty instead of the person

Yes she is skinny and sometimes l feel that actresses like this are not a good role model for girls

Girls are already struggleing with the image of what they see in women on tv and l feel we need to change tihs
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