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I think you misread the previous poster, she said her non-super skinny body, meaning she's not a rail.

She's thin, but not overly skinny ; I think she looks pretty healthy.
Right, thank you. I should have phrased that differently, but I meant just what you said.
Thin, but not skinny. She does look healthy and I love that she has not been pressured or put pressure on herself to conform to losing any weight, because she is perfect as she is! (I used to think the same of Scar Jo and now seems she's lost a lot, but that may have been for her role in Hitchcock).

Bondgirl, I had read that Marilyn was between a size 10-12. That would be the same as 6-8 today. Even if Marilyn was a 16, that would not be a 16 by todays sizing. "Vanity sizing" has changed things drastically in the last 30 years. Women buy more clothes if their size is smaller, so they've changed the sizing so now what used to be a 4-6 is like negative 00. (seriously)

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