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1.) Cloud Atlas (yes, deal with it)

2.) Sound of my Voice

3.) Amour

4.) Avengers
5.) Django Unchained
6.) The Grey
7.) Maniac (2013 release, but seen in 2012)
8.) Zero Dark Thirty
9.) Les Miserable (if only for Anne Hathaway's 4 minutes)
10.) Dredd

There are about 50 movies I would really like to put on this list. Though the question is not my favorite films, but rather what I though were the best. I am very aware I am in the minority on Cloud Atlas, but I really think it will be a classic in 20 years.

I also am entirely incapable of rating the Hobbit. I know there were some major concerns with the film in general, but being who I am I'm entirely incapable of seeing them. I am too attached to the original work to be critical.
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