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****spoilers ahead****

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What would you say are its flaws?
Generally, the way Ledgard's backstory was delivered, about halfway through. Specifically, right after the rape/murder sequence with Vera and Zeca. I think the script could've peppered in more about Ledgard's relationships with his wife, daughter and half-brother earlier, without sacrificing any of the surprise of the revenge twist later. Since it informs Ledgard's entire motivation, taking care of some of that tragic history in smaller pieces instead of one chunk of exposition through Marilia (though made visually interesting with those strategically spliced flashbacks, I'll admit) would've made me care more about Ledgard's point of view. As it is, the film feels detached from him and his goals when it shrouds him in utter mystery as some kind of creepy Spanish Frankenstein. Also, the character of Zeca himself seemed less like a character than a convenient plot device of random sadism to bring Ledgard and Vera's storyline to its boiling point.

Though I guess these are not so much "flaws" as they are "things that impacted my overall impression of the whole work when I was finished", and I can't really explain it any further than I did. If none of the above made any sense, then that's probably because it didn't and I'm wrong...

...OR, maybe I added that last line to my review just to make sure you were paying attention. *taps nose* THINK about it...