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It's such a shame with this movie..

I saw it again yesterday, and there is a point where things take such a wild turn into a formulaic, contrived story that all of the potential it was building up for a good hour and some change turns the expectation of a mountain into the reality of a molehill. I'm trying to pin the exact point when this happens, but so far I haven't found exactly what it is.

There are things the second time around I've noticed with refreshed eyes, and they shine a little brighter. In other words, Lawrence's performance. It's got nice subtleties, she's naturally striking enough to make some frames look like masterpieces and I really do love her in that scene with De Niro even though the film is unfortunately mid-spiraling toward nauseating vanilla backwash by that point. Lapses of judgement come after Tiffany and Pat meet, after their jogging and right after their first date that's not a date but then it gets worse and worse, where finally we have the big brother knowing things he's not supposed to, sappy scenes placed strategically, the way the bet is made where all of a sudden this dance makes all the difference and so on. Until that ending, where only Lawrence is fantastic, getting no help from anything or anyone else. Even Cooper had left the building by that point.

I still have no clue why Weaver is nominated, but the other three all deserve their nomination. The potential of having a bit of a more serious look into bi-polarism and getting into a bit more darker comedy was scrapped for a conventionally average conclusion. Unlike the film's dance contest, being average isn't a winner.

Leave it to Harvey Weinstein to squeeze it for as many Oscars as possible, and making it look like a threat in a year that's well above average.

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